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I have been a little remiss with my blog lately and there are a number of what I think are very reasonable excuses as to why, which primarily are :

  1. Spending much of my lunch breaks compiling my chartership portfolio, which I hope to submit in July *fingers crossed*
  2. Grappling with becoming the Secretary of SLA Europe, and trying not to fail miserably and buckle under the pressure of such a huge responsibility
  3. Preparing for the SLA Conference in Vancouver (I can’t believe it’s nearly here!)
  4. Rather unexpectedly getting a new job

Although these are valid excuses for being very busy and neglecting the blog, I am also well aware that each of these excuses are fuel for potential mountains of blog posts for me to write in the future – which I am going to do my very best to churn out, despite beginning a new job at the end of June!

So just a quick update really.

Having been Blog Editor (and consequently sitting on the Board) for SLA Europe over the past year, I was asked whether I would be interested in filling the position of Secretary which had become vacant. Despite knowing that I would be learning this role alongside studying for chartership, and that a substantial amount of work would be involved, I decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. In the past 3 months as Secretary the European Chapter hasn’t (yet) fallen apart due to my inexperience (primarily due to a very experienced Board), so I think I’m doing OK so far – although I have a way to go before feeling confident with the role! Needless to say, a post on what I’ve gained from volunteering for SLA Europe will be coming along shortly.

The second piece of news to share is that I will be starting a new job at the end of June, as an Information Officer at Norton Rose Fulbright. On completing my MA, I almost immediately found my current position at Trowers & Hamlins where I have been working for just under 2 years. I wasn’t actively job hunting as I really liked Trowers as a firm and loved the library team. However, I became aware of a vacancy at Norton Rose Fulbright (where I completed my graduate traineeship), which is a much larger and more international firm, and I thought I would give it a shot as it offered a wider variety of learning opportunities and more varied experience.  It was to my utter surprise that I was offered it, and although I am sad to leave the team at Trowers, I am very excited to return to Norton Rose Fulbright and hopefully develop much more as a professional.

As a very wise friend recently said to me – I need wings and not roots right now. I am feeling very optimistic about the future that lies ahead.

We Have Lift Off by Chad Horwedel

We Have Lift Off by Chad Horwedel




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