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CPD23: Week 3, Thing 4

I am a little behind on CPD23 due to coursework and job interviews, but here is my experience with thing 4.


I am already a Twitter user, and I now find it absolutely crucial for maintaining current awareness of what is happening in the wider library world, and for finding out about events. Apart from reading the monthly CILIP magazine and occasional emails from my LinkedIn library groups, Twitter is my only way of maintaining current awareness, and it is the most informative and up to date source I use and I would really recommend it to anyone. I also find it useful for asking questions – for example, when considering dissertation topics I asked my Twitter audience what they thought ‘library 2.0’ or ‘librarian 2.0’ actually  meant. The responses were numerous and helpful, and I actually could have used them in my dissertation as evidence if I had gone with that topic (which in the end I sadly didn’t).

Reflecting on my use of Twitter, I realise I don’t follow many corporate librarians, which is strange as I will be embarking as an Information Officer at a law firm very soon, and I think this is due to Twitter not being as widely used by corporate librarians as public and academic librarians, as social media does not play as important a role in corporate libraries. However, I am going to make my mission to find some corporate librarians to follow!

RSS Feeds

I already use Google Reader to collate my RSS feeds together. I found this extremely useful when job hunting as it saved me so much time in checking for new jobs posted on numerous and various websites all in one place on Google Reader. I now use it primarily for following blogs and reading new posts as another way of keeping up to date.


This is a tool I have never used before, and at first I wasn’t quite sure how to use it, but here is my first storify attempt on collecting my social media posts over the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend: http://storify.com/mariegcannon/diamond-jubilee-weekend

Now, I am aware I could also use others people’s’ posts in addition to my own, but I just wanted to keep it simple and to produce a summary of my personal celebration of the Jubilee.

I could see this being useful particularly when reporting from events such as conferences – compiling different people’s reflections into one story, and I am planning on using it to report on my own experience of the SLA annual conference in Chicago in July. It is obvious that social media is now such a central part of so many people’s daily lives, and many, many libraries use social media to form a digital identity and use it as a way of communicating with users; and to be able to collate user-generated content on social media through Storify can be an extremely useful tool for libraries and librarians.


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Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

In an increasingly digital world where our presence and social networking is more and more online rather than in the real world, I think having a consistent personal brand and digital identity is extremely important; especially for a new professional like me who wants to establish my identity and put my name out there!

1. Googling Myself

On my initial search for ‘Marie Cannon’ on Google, I was surprised to find that only 1 of the results on the first page was related to myself.  There were many results for people with Marie as their middle name and Cannon as their surname. The 1 result that was related to me was actually a post by the London Business School, where I currently work as a library assistant, on the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries website about the restructuring of staff – and of course my name was listed.

However, I then realised that on almost all of my online profiles, I have actually called myself Marie Grace Cannon. I have used Marie Grace Cannon throughout my life as my full name, even at school. This has been an unconcious decision, but in the digital age where there are hundreds of Marie Cannons, using my middle name is actually very useful for distinguishing myself from the crowd.

On googling ‘Marie Grace Cannon’, I was pleasantly surprised to find that 7 out of the 10 results displayed on the 1st page were related to me; featuring my facebook profile, twitter profile and tweets, my blog, and my work with the Warwick Irish Dancing Society from when I studied my BA.

2. Changing my online profiles

Firstly, the only online profile where I was known as simply ‘Marie Cannon’ was on LinkedIn, and now in keeping with my brand I have changed it to Marie Grace Cannon. Hopefully this will help potential employers find me!

Secondly, I decided to change my blog.  Although my tumblr blog had my name on it, it was called ‘The Unseen University Librarian’, which, although apt due to my personal belief that he has the hardest job in the universe, is quite a mouthful and difficult to remember if you have not read any Discworld novels! So I have changedmy blog name to mariegcannon, which is also my twitter name.

Simultaneously, I moved my blog from a tumblr account to a wordpress account, which I will write more about in my next blog post.

3. Visual Imagery

When it came to visually styling my blog, I was very lost.

My Twitter Background

My twitter account has a collage of cakes I have made (yes I am a very keen baker, as almost all of the librarians I have met seem to be!) as a background, which I chose because they are brightly coloured and evoke a happy vibe. However, as my twitter and blog are primarily about professional issues, I am now thinking I should make the imagery the same, and say goodbye to my cake collage.

I would like an image that was library/book related, but something beautiful and something  interesting that would entice people in. I googled ‘books’, ‘beautiful books’, ‘beautiful bookscases’, ‘beautiful libraries’, and only came up with a couple of things that I could consider using. However, I also decided that I wanted my image to be a header for my blog, so that my personal brand was always present. This meant finding a beautiful book-related picture that happened to be landscape. You can see that I was not making it easy for myself!

In my various google searches, I discovered the beautiful book sculptures of Su Blackwell, who I have already written about in a previous post. These were sculptures made out of books depicting some of our my most favourite and beloved stories, and bringing stories to life in the most original and fascinating way. I have cropped the Alice In Wonderland sculpture to be my blog header as you can see, and I will try and make a collage of them to use as a background for my twitter.

I am concerned that because they tend to have dark backgrounds that they may appear a little spooky, and may present me as such! But I am hoping that people will see how beautiful and magical they really are. However, if you disagree with this, then please do let me know!

Alice, A Mad Tea Party

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CPD23: Week 1, Things 1 and 2

Firstly, I have been away from my blog for a long time, and this is due to the busyness which is the end of term and the amount of coursework that had to be done, as well as a dissertation proposal to be written!CPD23

However, now I am on my Easter holidays I have decided that for my personal professional development I would spend one day a week completing one of the CPD23 Things for Professional Development. As someone with an interest in web 2.0 and social media in libraries, this is something that will give me the opportunity to reflect on skills which I may already have, and to learn something (and hopefully many)  new things and additional skills that will aid me in my future career as a librarian. Of course, this will also force me to write at least 1 blog entry a week which is great!

So week 1 of CPD23 is:


  • Thing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme. (If you already have a blog, then you’re welcome to use that.)
  • Thing 2: Explore other blogs and get to know some of the other cpd23-ers.”

Obviously I already have my own blog, and I also follow quite a lot of other blogs. All of the blogs I follow are library orientated and range from covering more indulgent topics such as the most beautiful libraries in the world, to the more serious cutting edge developments in the library and information profession. I mainly follow other blogs in order to keep myself up to date, to be aware of other’s views and opinions and to ensure that my own personal thinking remains current and innovative. The majority of these blogs I have found through twitter or through my fellow students on the MA LIS at UCL. It was actually through my fellow students @Annie_Bob and @JenniferYellin that I discovered the CPD23 course.

There were various reasons why I decided to write my own blog, and this seems to be a good opportunity to reflect on these:

  1. To create a record of what I have learnt while studying my MA and through attending library-related events, and to actively reflect on these experiences
  2. To publicise myself as a new professional and to create a digital identity to enable others in the library field to get to know me
  3. To display my passion and interest in the library and information profession as a whole, and on specific topics that particularly interest me such as web 2.0, OPACs and discovery tools and the open access movement
  4. Also, it was very strongly recommended to me by a number of library professionals from different backgrounds!

So far, I think my young fledgling blog is doing rather well on these fronts. I have had people retweet my blog entries, which recognises that there is at least some value to them that may be interesting or useful to others in the profession. This has also helped to spread my digital identity and to get my name out there in the social network of library professionals, which I think is imperative as a new professional. I have blogged exstensively on my interest in the digital humanities and the difference in user experience of the digital and the real. However, it has now come to my attention that I have not blogged much on my other special interests, and so this will get put on my ‘to do’ list! This is why reflective writing is so useful, as it brings to our attention what we have achieved so far, but also what we can improve on.

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